Episode 103: Year In Review

Happy Freaking New Years πŸ₯‚πŸ₯‚πŸΎπŸΎ It’s finally here the #year in review episode….

I start out with a little discussion of accountability and the chat I just had last night with @brytay82 on twitter and how it’s truly leave no stone unturned and how I wanted to finally share my Fuck being Silent blog on my @loveashleytay account and well I did first thing this morning!

I read the blog post and go off the written words a bit between the 15:25 and the 35 minute mark.

From there I go through the year. Being able to reconnect with family and friends and other previous supporters. Losing my last grandparent in May. A bit about how I was feeling Jan-March mentally and emotionally. March was when Jazz @thiswomanfromny and I spoke and then slowly releasing and sharing with her we started @soulgabwithashandjazz in late June.

I share about the birth of my music account @zinlobeats

Turning 33 in May and how truly magical just like Jazz had predicted.

Starting the year off with the worst flu I’ve ever had in my life.

I touch on technology… AirPods, iPhone 8+ and Alexa and Google Home.

I go into a gushy fest just talking about friends and my posi posse and so many just wonderful souls.

I go through my top 10 +2 albums from the year as well as my 33 most listened to songs.

I share a few personal achievements like savings and debt.

Truly thank you to any of you that have given me any listen, likes comments support. Grateful. Have a wonderful wonderful New Years!!

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