Episode 102: Recap of the Week and NYE

Happy 😊 Sunday to you! Today I start out by doing a brief recap summary of the last week and all the episodes from the week. Speed up to about 9 min mark to skip the recap.
I share a quote that is kind of perfect as we end the year and for me looking at 2018. I discuss a little about where I was right as 2018 was beginning and my headspace. Through my experience in coming out of being a shell of myself I highly reiterate the importance of having that core crew.

I delve into some self analysis on hiding my quirks which truly did stem from the narcissistic relationship I was in which made me question myself like I never had before.

I end the episode just reiterating the fact that trust and intuition really is the foundation for so much.

Finally what are you doing for New Years? I’ll be doing the big year in review tomorrow so stay tuned and talk to you soon!

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