Episode 100: Leave No Stone Unturned

Happy Friday — the last one of this year. In today’s episode I speak about the importance of a true friend and core support system. I am truly grateful to my posi posse crew that I have in @goodgrievings @brytay82 and @thiswomanfromny

I discuss the process of working on my year in review and also the key of truly seeing your own growth over the years. Also the need to forgive yourself and truly leave certain stuff behind in 2018 (or whatever year). In lieu of this being the 100th day/episode I went back and gave the previous podcast – Real Talk ep 100 from 2016. Funny how much is the same and how much is not. It’s always about being the best you and be better everyday and every year. For me it’s about showing up and trying.

I also touch a bit on resolutions and a mention of the last episode as well as the latest episode of Soul Gab with Ash and Jazz. Thinking about taking both podcasts to the “next level” or constantly thinking about getting better and better.

Truly truly loving what and where I am presently. I share a memory of how badly I wanted to be back in that creative rhythm of forgetting to eat or turn on lights and all track of time – just creative flow if you will.

Think of what that stone is for you that you have not turned over or haven’t shared or come forward or clean out that has to and is best left in 2018?

Finally, if you had to think of one or two words entering 2019 what would yours be?

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