Welcome to Random with Ash. I’m Ashley. But you can call me Ash if you want. This little domain or website whatever you wanna take it as has been a long time coming. You see it’s not that I didn’t know how to make a website in no time at all (tooting my own horn I can make stuff fast) it’s not that I have not had MANY websites in the last oh I don’t even know 12 or so years. I wish I still had that Live Journal account. No actually maybe not… Trust me – if you google any variation of my full name you’ll get some random stuff. I’ve gathered quite an array of random shit and a lot of which I don’t touch or do anymore. Some of which has been deleted. See this post for a little on some of that. And of course a lot of my old websites (which trust me there was a boat load) have been ended or the domain was released and someone new has lovingly decided they wanted it. Yet, I also don’t really shudder at any of it. EVEN when I legit posted full videos on You Tube of me dancing to all the random music. Unfortunately those are gone – at least that You Tube channel is. I surely do have some in one of my Google Drives and I’ve actually shared some with friends for laughs or even on Insta.

This website is my first shiny new one since being “offline” at least in the sense of having a website or a wordpress that I called my own since everything was taken down in July 2017. (Further explanation – AgainΒ this post.)

Truly. Its all brought me to who I am right now. Yeah that’s kinda cheesy and cliche but it’s true. I’ve done just about everything (maybe not really but it’s to get the point of how much I’ve dabbled since post college – communications was my major if your curious)Β  under the sun known to wo(man) at this point in my life.

To be honest. I still don’t have my stuff figured out. I do have a better idea of what I like, love and don’t like. I do have a better understanding of what I enjoy and in my opinion (and some others) what I’m good at.

All that aside, that’s honestly kinda why this domain works. Because I am random. I am all over the place. I don’t know yet. What I do know is some stuff. At least based on a lot of interesting (I’ll leave it at that) experiences a lot of failures, falls, heart breaks and aches, those typical dark nights, pain, struggle, hardships, etc etc etc….a LOT of what has been completely self inflicted or at least in the sense that I chose everything / every experience even the ones that turned out completely and utterly unsavory. I do know I love making people feel loved, seen, heard. I do love podcasting – sharing stories – laughs be it alone or with others. I love talking and connecting with other humans. Finally I do love music – a lot – as in I could of been a DJ in a past life so much so that Jazz (my co host / partner in crime of Soul Gab with Ash and Jazz) lovingly named me Zinlo (episode 34 is when it went down). I went ahead and made a whole Zinlo insta account lol. I also love brussel sprouts as in I could easily eat them almost every night, coffee, pinot grigo, red grapes, airports, autumn, spring, laughing, skipping, Mister Rogers, Mary Poppins and so many other random things. But I’ll save other stuff for another time.

There’s MORE but that’s what I have right now as we are two days away from the last month of 2018.


Below are two of my current “things” in other words two podcasts.

The Daily Podcast

A daily podcast hosted by Ashley. Come listen in to one woman’s thoughts, observations, and life lessons learned along the way. Touching on a variety of subject matter that is sure to inspire you, make you think, or make you laugh enjoy Random Observations. If you are fascinated by hearing other people’s perspectives and personal journey’s than you will definitely enjoy this podcast. Think of it as people watching with your best friend or those deep, random and raw conversations you find yourself having in the wee hours of the morning.


Soul Gab with Ash and Jazz (co host with Jazz of ThisWomanfromNy.com)Β 

Allow us (Ash and Jazz) to bless your eardrums as we voice ideas and share our views and personal experiences on all things health, the metaphysical, and other spiritual life stuff! Ride the roller coaster of life with us. Learn, be entertained, start deepening your own journey and enjoy! Soul Gab airs Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Tune in here